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At Water and Irrigation Works Ltd, we are a local team of dedicated professionals deeply committed to the efficient and sustainable use of our most valuable resource—water. With over 35 years of expertise in designing, supplying, and installing water systems for rural, commercial, and horticultural purposes, we serve as your comprehensive solution provider.

We offer a diverse range of services within the pumping and irrigation sector, including:


Our services encompass irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance for a variety of applications, from turf and horticultural to agricultural, domestic, industrial, and golf. We provide a wide range of products and extensive experience to address all your new and maintenance requirements.v


Water and Irrigation Works Ltd specializes in sizing, supplying, installing, and repairing pumps from leading brands. Our emphasis on efficiency ensures we specify the most cost-effective solutions for your needs, understanding that ‘bigger’ isn’t always ‘better.’


We excel in providing filtration solutions, not just products. Our expertise extends from chlorine and fluoride removal in mains water supply to UV systems for rain or bore water, offering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to your requirements.

Rural Water Supply

With the new legislation for rural water supplies taking effect in mid-2021, we are well-versed in the upcoming requirements and compliance with the latest laws, ensuring your water supply is in line with the new regulations.

Parts & Fittings

Our inventory includes a full range of parts, pipes, and fittings to cater to all your water supply needs. Whether you’re setting up a new water system or require repairs and maintenance for an existing setup, we’re here to assist with both products and expert advice.

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